About Us


Advances in information technology and innovative studies have become increasingly important. To efficiently manage and utilize information technology for work efficiency and competitiveness is the key to surviving in the future world. Nowadays, related industries in Taiwan, however, are facing the shortage of professionals in the field.

The purpose for establishing the College of Informatics is to contribute to the progressive development of SHU-TE University and more importantly to address the needs of both the domestic and international development of the IT industry. The department is home to talented human resources with multi-tasking skills in the areas of Computer Science, Management, Communication Science, and Research and Development. The College of Informatics is made up of Bachelor Program of Automobile Electronics and three departments , namely (1) Information Management (first established in 2000), (2) Computer Science & Information Engineering, and (3) Computer & Communication, each of which has a master program that caters to the development of the IT industry in southern Taiwan.



The supply of human resources in the IT industry is unable to meet the demands in Taiwan. Mostly, human resource hunting lies in high-level software, hardware and system integration services.

STU neighbors the Tainan Science Park, Luchu Science Park, Kaohsiung Software Technology Park, etc. and interacts with these entities with industrial-academic cooperation.  We equip students with the abilities in research and development in informatics via an absolutely technical and vocational education system to inculcate Information Technology (IT) professionals that specialize in development, integration, application, and maintenance of software and hardware technologies.